Simplified Living is a complete managed service to automate business and community processes.
It allows paperless operations and enables users to use from any device from any location.
It is cloud based so you need to pay as you go and thus it is very cost effective.

Amazing Features

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Job seekers can apply on-line. Written test, interview scores and comments can all be entered online. Recruitments can be done either for permanent or temporary positions. The final decision to recruit is taken on the basis of the data captured and also the requirement of the organization.

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Employee Leave

The leave module is designed to receive leave application. It also allows for the leave accruals of various types of leaves. Leave accrual, calendar, rules, deductions, adjustments, encashments can all be done. Workflow hierarchy is used for approval and rejections of leaves.

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Attendance & Time Sheet

Attendance Timesheet allows employees to enter their attendance and task data. Attendance Timesheet data goes through two levels of reviews by superiors. This module is able to import data from magnetic card or biometric devices as well.

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Employee Data Bank

Employee permanent and variable information is stored in employee data bank. Much of the data is pulled out from recruitment module necessating less data entry. Employee self service allows for correction of data.

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Evaluates the on-the-job performace of an employee. Appraisal module is highly dynamic allowing it to be set up appropriately as per the rules of the organization. It allows for, depending on the need, appraisal by superiors, peers and subordinates as well.

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Parameter driven, formula based payroll allows computing the pay of the employee. All complex computations related to taxation, provident fund, gratuity are all done automatically. The whole process of pay run often takes less than an hour for a medium sized organization.

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Automatic emails

Its been made with Automatic emails support.

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Dedicated Support

We believe in supreme support is key and we offer that.

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